Analytics Weekly Highlights | 2024-W19


5/13/20243 min read

Welcome to the Analytics Weekly Highlights for Week 19 of 2024. Let's dive into the latest trends and operations in Inverse Finance Ecosystem.

Supply & Market Capitalisation

  • INV FDV USD: 24,259,050 (Change: -1.82%)

  • INV Circulating Supply USD: 23,174,343 (Change: -1.46%)

  • INV Circulating: 530,184 (Change: +0.36%)



This week the Fed Chair has contracted the Convex Fed DOLA supply further by USD 7 million, bringing DOLA supply just over USD 90 millions.

  • Total DOLA Supply: 90,533,267 (Change:-7.19%)


  • Borrowers: 53 (+1)

  • Stakers: 220 (+0)

  • Active Users: 248 (+0)


Week 19 sees Firm's TVL cooling down to USD 41 Millions, correlating with a decrease in market prices and current borrows.

  • Total Collateral: 41,057,393 USD (Change: -4.29%)

  • Current Borrows: 16,618,138 DOLA (Change: -2.93%)

This week we spotted 3 interesting transaction above USD 100k on WETH and CVX market :

  • Burned: 65,422 DBR (Change: +0.51%)

  • Total Burned: 12,733,740 DBR

  • No noticeable transaction spotted.


Week 19 sees sDOLA deposits stabilizing over 1M to 1,110,263 (+1.87%).

DBR Virtual Auction

This week again the DBR auction contract has been active and consistent in absolute term with the previous weeks :

Total DOLA bougth : 515,503 DOLA (+38,876 DOLA / +8.16%)
Total DBR sold : 3,298,275 DBR (+297,886 / +9.93%)

DOLA Liquidity Pools

On the LP front, we observe a decrease of the DOLA/Other Asset ratio back to 1.1 :

  • DOLA in LPs: 27,561,112 (-11.74%)

  • Other Assets in LPs: 24,840,232 USD (-11.09%)

  • DOLA/Other Assets Ratio: 110.95% (Change: -8.33pp)

The largest changes this week are observed in the DOLA-USDC Aero lp on Base with a USD 4.1 million decrease (-9.41%) in TVL.

We can also observe a re-balancing from the previous week increase on the DOLA-USDC on Balancer (mainnet) with a decrease over USD -1.1 million in TVL.


Stay tuned for more insights next week ! If you have any data question don't hesitate to reach out to @naouufel on X/Twitter or to the Analytics General channel on our Discord.

What a week in governance with the kick of season 2 ! This week we've seen:

  • 8 proposal created

  • 7 proposal queued

Most of those proposal are related to the budget refresh of the DAO's different working groups with the addition of a  proposal to add st-yETH Market to FiRM.


Supply & Market Capitalisation : positions : on-chain data (RPC) , prices : DefiLLama

FiRM & Governance : on-chain data (subgraph: inverse-governance-subgraph)

DOLA Feds : on-chain data (RPC)

Markets : prices: Coingecko ; CEX trades & volume: Coingecko ; DEX trades & volume: on-chain data

Liquidity Pools : positions : on-chain data (RPC) ; prices : DefiLLama

To process and analyze the data we make a heavy use of python scripts and SQL which rely on our in-house data analytics platform Inverse Watch.

The data presented in this article has been aggregated on a weekly basis and is combining multiple data sources listed below. It is presented for information purposes and does not constitute an investment advice.

This analysis was realized taking assumptions due to the quality of the historical data available for some token prices. For this reason, some historical values might deviate from the reality

We do strive to continuously improve our data productions processes and are upgrading our methodology every day with the best tools available. For this rreason the data might periodically get revised.